June 2nd, 2013

Just 'Cause

This cap is from 3x06 "Red Sky At Morning".
Click to see the full-sized cap.

Impala Sunday! Though you can't see much of the car in this cap, she's there. The boys are looking fine, too, huh? ;)
Ah, Saturday. Beautiful day for weather, not so great for me on the technology end. Nothing major, just usual annoyances. Grrrr. Anyway, I've got 3 more Season 7 eps of caps all ready for posting and my Name That Cap Challenge is almost ready to go for Tuesday. Yay!
Have a nice Sunday everyone. *hugs*

SPN Caps: 7x19 Of Grave Importance (Logo-Free)

Apologies again for the delay in getting back to these. You'll notice some changes: mostly that there are only a few sample caps and that they're presented here in a little-larger-than-normal thumbnail images. I will be posting a full set of sample caps (The Best Of) later on for those who don't download zipped folders.

 photo SPN719LogoFree_CapCard_zpsf947c6f7.jpg

:: Cap Size: 1280 x 720 :: Cap Total: 710 :: Selected Preview Caps: 6
:: No hotlinking, please! :: Credit me, raloria when taking/using/re-posting :: Comments are LOVE! ♥

719HQ_Pt1.zip (132mb) // 719HQ_Pt2.zip (125mb)

Click for full-sized caps:

Another thing that's wrong with LJ

Because I needed another thing to rant about...

Why doesn't LJ have a way to change the security setting on a select number of journal entries? More specifically certain tagged entries? All they give us is a way to change the security on entries between a range of dates or all of them. Big whoop! Doesn't help me in the slightest.

I'm having to go to each and every entry from my Name That Cap Challenge 3 and make them Private.
Why? So that people won't be tempted to go back through them to get answers for the new challenge I'll be posting on Tuesday.

We're talking 126 entries.

What. A. Pain. In. The. Ass!
*heavy sigh*

Sorry, I just needed to vent my frustration.
Back to work. Only 105 entries left to go. Grrrrr.

Edit: Finished. Gee, that was only...an hour out of my life! Thanks a lot LJ.
~ A pissed off customer.