June 26th, 2013

Daily Fanart: Jared & Jensen from VanCon 2011

I posted the color version of this pic a week or so ago. This is also a slightly wider cropping.

Note that my photos from the J2 panel in 2011 were bad. I mean really bad. Dark, out of focus, and tinted orange bad. So I've done the best I could with these. Please forgive any excessive graininess or odd coloring.

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Just 'Cause

This cap is from 8x13 "Everybody Hates Hitler".
Click to see the full-sized cap.

Since I gave you some hunky Sam yesterday, here's the Dean version. ;)
So tired. Had a long, exhausting Tuesday with lots of physical work. Found some muscles I'd forgotten about. Owie.
Have a good Wednesday folks. *hugs*

Fanfic: "What Is Truth?"

Title: What Is Truth? [Written for the Hunter's Journal Monthly Contest for June over at positively_spn.]
Word Count: 913
Summary: With hallucinations of Lucifer plaguing him, Sam struggles with the truth. But will there be collateral dammage?
Warnings: Spoilers for 7.02 "Hello, Cruel World".
Disclaimer: Still don't own Sam & Dean. Darn.

Author's Notes: This was written in hurry, over 2 days for the contest. Had no beta and only told one friend I was even doing this. *g* Probably not my best stuff, but the idea jumped in my head a few days ago and it was begging to be written. Basically an AU story for the warehouse scene in 7x02.

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