July 11th, 2013

Just 'Cause

This cap is from 8x03 "Heartache".
Click to see the full-sized cap.

Don't you wish that was your hand touching his face? *swoons*
Wednesday was so chaotic with RL chores. Ugh. Felt like I was rushing around trying to do 5 things at once. Got a few things marked off the to-do list, but not all.
Have a good Thursday everyone. *hugs*

SPN Season 9 Has Begun Filming!

And look at the cool treat Director, Guy Bee shared with us all.

Jensen going from dad to Dean in 60 seconds. Love his adorable little smirk at the end! *dies from cuteness*

Now I need to make a sticky post for the Season 9 episode titles & filming dates/locations.

Storify: SPN Production - Pre-Filming of Season 9

I've started up a Storify account to put all the production-type Tweets together for Season 9. I'll post each one here as I finish them.

First up, all the pre-production tweets leading up to today's first day of filming (that one will be up later tonight).

[View the story "SPN Production - Pre-Filming of Season 9" on Storify]

No spoilers except for the name of the episode and the director.