July 28th, 2013


I realize everyone's going crazy over the videos of J2 & Misha for new CW photo shoot, but with everyone posting them on my Flist it's making my CPU work like crazy! The memory gets eaten to bits, too. Even with a cooling fan blowing my laptop gets too hot.

So if I do post those videos it'll be behind a cut...and I thought I'd pass along the advice for others to do the same. You're free to take it or leave it, of course. But for now, I can't even have my Friends page open.

Walking: Days 25 & 26 of 2013

I actually walked last Monday & forgot to post about it, so I'm squeezing it in now. :P

This evening I felt like taking a little stroll after supper. Not that I ate an awful lot or anything and needed to "walk it off", but it was a nice, if coolish evening and I've been cooped up inside most of the day. Didn't walk my normal speed, just walked along enjoying the fading daylight and the brisk breeze. It was nice....and the fact that I burned 300 calories was an added bonus. My weight is still low, btw. Win! :)

Stats from MapMyWalk.com for July 22nd:
Miles = 2.61
Time = 48 minutes
Calories = 451

Stats from MapMyWalk.com for July 11th:
Miles = 1.64
Time = 36 minutes
Calories = 301