August 7th, 2013

Icons: Comic Con, Promo Pics, & Misc Jensen & Jared

Been making a few icons and finally got enough to post.

Sources are all over: Comic Con photos from online, pics Tweeted by Steve Carlson & Guy Bee, a few misc pics that I found online (sources unknown), the Comic Con SPN cover, and those SPN promo pics for Season 9.


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Just 'Cause - Twins Week

This cap is from 4x08 "Wishful Thinking"
Click to see the full-sized cap.

Matching expressions. So adorable! :)
Ugh. It was so hot yesterday. I know...not that hot compared to what a lot of you get, but what's "normal" for you is not normal for us. Anything close to 80 and beyond is out of my comfort range and yesterday we got to 87. Bleh. Today is supposed to be about the same before it slowly starts cooling down.
Have a good Wednesday folks...btw, SPN is back on in reruns tonight! Yay!