August 11th, 2013

Daily Fanart: Jared from VanCon 2012

This is the last Daily Fanart post for...a while. Maybe forever.

With less than 2 weeks until VanCon I'm super busy packing and prepping and need to start making some cuts to how much I'm posting. Plus, lately these posts have only been getting 1 or 2 comments...sometimes none. I can't see the point of making more fanarts if nobody really likes them. It's a shame, too because there's still some pretty amazing (I think) fanarted-caps and con photos in my folder to share. So I might resume these Daily Fanart posts in September...and I might not. I'll have to think about it.

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Just 'Cause - Twins Week

This cap is from 4x08 "Wishful Thinking"
Click to see the full-sized cap.

Back to this S4 ep for this cute moment as the brothers peek around some bushes.
I've heard from some of you who really enjoyed this Twins Week, but tomorrow it's time to move on to a new theme. Sorry! Hopefully you'll like what I pick out next.
Finished off S8 of the Locations List overnight and am getting some help from the awesome wynefred on prepping it for PDF creation. Thx hun! *huggles* The Google Maps are also updated and I'll start posting things over at my spn_locations tomorrow (Monday). My goal was to finish by the 16th and it looks like I'll make it. Phew! :P
Have a nice Sunday folks. *hugs*

Storify: SPN Production for last week

Things have been kinda busy between RL happenings and getting ready for VanCon so here's a catch up of the SPN production for last week.

[View the story "SPN Production - Day 18 of Season 9" on Storify]

[View the story "SPN Production - Day 19 of Season 9" on Storify]

[View the story "SPN Production - Day 20 & 21 of Season 9" on Storify]

WARNING! Lots of spoilery pics in the 2nd link. There's pics from filming on location on the other days as well, but they're more low-level on the spoiler meter. Heh.