October 21st, 2013

Changes to how I review SPN episodes

You may have noticed I just made a new post for 901. It's my Cap & Quote Review for the episode...my new way of reviewing Season 9.

In a way this will be a return of how I used to review SPN eps, with lots of caps throughout. I can only hope I don't run into LJ's entry length issue.

My plan is this...I'll use the First Impressions posts just as a quick reaction sort of post soon after I watch the episode.
The Caps & Quotes Reviews will be where I take an in-depth look at the episode and add in a few observations and thoughts.

Now that I've got that out of the way, I've already run into a problem. Heh.

I often grab "sample caps" as I like to call them right after I get an episode. These are often just random caps that I'll use for Just 'Cause posts or fanart down the road. My plan with this new season was to cap each episode as I usually do, thoroughly, but also just grab caps of the "highlights". I would then post both sets. I actually hope to do this with all the seasons and episodes eventually.

Thing is...when I was grabbing the caps for my new review of 901 and 902, I named them "sample caps". Ooops. I just realized that was a bad idea. Not really for all of you, but for me. It'll be confusing to me...maybe. We'll see.

Anyway, the caps for 901 & 902 in the posts and in the SlickPic gallery will be labeled as "sample caps"...however, in the zipped folder downloads they'll be called "highlight caps". Got it? Everyone completely confused? Good, I've got company. LOL

Sorry about the mix-up. Been a long day/night. Ugh.
I'll be uploading the zipped folders of the 901 & 902 caps later today and add the links to them in their respective review posts.

Just 'Cause

This cap is from 2x08 "Crossroad Blues".
Click to see the full-sized cap.

"We know a little about a lot of things. Just enough to make us dangerous."
One of my favorite descriptive quotes about the Winchester boys. Dean in that leather jacket...yummy! :D
Sunday was so busy and crazy and ugh. What a mess. Things always take longer than you think they will, you know? *sigh* Sorry I don't have the Storify links up yet. I'll work on them after I get some sleep, along with my review (Cap & Quote Review) of 902.
Have a good Monday folks. *hugs*

Storify: SPN Production Tweets from last week cont'd

Continuing on from where I left off on last week's production tweets, I found out where only half of the tweets from the airing of 902 got put in the last Story. Ooops. I picked up where they left off in the 2nd link here.

First of all, I'm keeping a Story of the tweets by Russ Hamilton of their filming dates and times. Just 'cause I'm geeky like that. ;) I'll continue to keep it updated as we go a long.





Usual spoiler warnings apply, though the only really spoilery stuff is on the last link.