January 23rd, 2014

Production Tweets from Jan 11th thru 14th

Once again RL got away from me and I couldn't keep up with the SPN Production Tweets through Storify as I would've liked. So I had to resort to using an online tool to gather the old favorited Tweets together so I could post them here on LJ for posterity and reference. Not the greatest way to see the tweets, but at least the links will work when you click on them.

Warning: Info. about future SPN episodes might be contained in this post. Read at your own risk.

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Daily Fanart Special Series: SPN Symbols, Spells, & Sigils

Time to bring back this series since A) I still have a bunch of caps to post from it and B) I haven't had a chance to pull/fix caps for your new requests for SPN Goes B&W.

This all started as a project to gather caps for a friend. Well, I hate to leave caps un-used, so I decided to fix the caps (kind of in an artistic-fanarty way) and share them.

Thought we'd do a week of Devil's Traps, since they're probably the most recognizable symbol used on the show.
Today's trap is from S2's Crossroad Blues where Dean ends up kissing his first crossroads demon. ;)

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Just 'Cause

This cap is from 3x14 "Long Distance Call".
Click to see the full-sized cap.

Dean bitching to Sam about talking boy bands the case with Bobby.
  • Wednesday was an okay day. Helped that I had an awesome fanfic to help distract me from the drudgery of the day. If you love hurt!Dean, I highly recommend A Scorpion In The Fire by reapertownusa.
  • A S2 Devil's Trap cap is up for today's Daily Fanart.
  • I've got Production Tweets up finally, but I'm still looking to get them up properly on Storify...if it would just behave! In the meantime here's Part One and Part Two.
Have a good Thursday folks. *hugs*