April 23rd, 2014

SPN Goes B&W: Dean kissing Lust from "The Magnificent Seven"

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Thought I'd try something different. This isn't for the Just 'Cause posts though the idea is similar to when I ask for requests there. I miss doing B&W fanart, so I thought I'd ask for everyone's help in choosing caps.

:: You can make as many requests as you want, in the comments of any SPN Goes B&W post.
:: If I don't have exactly what you request, I'll try to find something similar.
:: If you request something specific, the more detail you can give me, the better.
:: Vague requests are also welcome (something Dean, Sam, demon, angel, weapon, action, hands, arms, sad, happy, etc).

This is for tarynelliott who requested "kissing Dean."
Well, yeah I can do that. :) I just happened to be looking for caps from this ep anyway and I've always loved this kiss (Oh, Dean kissing demons...). I've got another piece that I treated a little differently, but I think this is my favorite.
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Just 'Cause

This cap is from 2x16 "Roadkill".
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"This guy's really pissing me off." Whether you're a spirit or a monster you do not want a pissed off Dean Winchester.
Have a good Wednesday everyone. *hugs*