July 27th, 2014

SPN Timestamp Lottery Caps: 9x01 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here at 26 minutes

Thanks to my New Idea post the other day, I've gotten a bunch of S9 episodes & timestamps. So happy to see so many of you participate. I'm strongly considering doing this for other seasons as well. :)

Originally, I was going to simply make one cap for each request, but I quickly realized I could get a small group of caps in a minute's time. So I'll be presenting these as little picspams instead. More caps! And who doesn't love that?

Today's caps are for lily1002. Enjoy! :D

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Just 'Cause

This cap is from 3x05 "Bedtime Stories".
Click to see the full-sized cap.

The boys walking back to the car for your Impala Sunday. :)
Have a nice Sunday everyone. *hugs*

Video: Part 3 of Jensen's Interview at the TCA's 2014

Final part of Danielle Turchiano's interview with Jensen about Season 10.

A lot of this is about Jensen directing *loves* but there's some spoilery talk near the end.
Love hearing him talk about the difference between acting and directing. He's very humble about his talents and I love how he's always interested in pushing himself outside of his comfort zone.
"Not to say that I'm an [amazing actor]..." Oh, yes you are, Jensen! Yes, you are! :D

And how adorable is it that he and Jared high-5 each other after a good take? OMG

OMG Squee

First look at SPN Season 10!!!!!!!

So many goodies today coming out of Comic Con. OMG! I'm having a hard time keeping up with it all on Twitter. Hope I can somehow save it all onto Storify in time before I run out of Twitter Favorites.

Anyway, the thing everyone is talking about is the S10 Sizzle Reel presented by Jensen before today's panel. The first video is Jensen's presentation & the second is the clip from his ep 10x03. I am SO EXCITED! OMG I wanna see more!!!!

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