September 22nd, 2014

Daily Fanart: Jared & Jensen from VanCon 2014

Thank you for all the lovely comments on last Friday's piece.

My best photo of the boys as Jensen makes his first Tweet during the Gold Panel.

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Just 'Cause

This cap is from 8x12 "As Time Goes By".
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Family or not, you break one of the Impala's windows and it's guaranteed to put you on Dean's bad side. *guh*
  • The Seahawks WON!!!!! It was a real nail-biter at the end though, with the Hawks pulling it off in overtime.
  • Got a new VanCon 2014 Fanart piece of the boys during the Gold Panel. Hope you like it. :)
  • I'm working on updating the Storify links. Just need another day or so. There's all those tweets from DallasCon to save. Eeep.
  • Finally! got caught up on SYTYCD. Now if I can just squeeze in last season's Survivor - and then all the returning series this week and the next...oy. So not ready for these shows to be back on the air...except for SPN, that is. :P
Have a good Monday folks. *hugs*

VanCon 2014: Mark Sheppard catches me

This is one of those OMG-they-weren't-supposed-to-notice-me moments. I know, kinda hard to do with a big, honkin' camera...but you try and you hope.

Found this youtube video that just happens to show when Mark Sheppard caught me taking pictures of him and called me out on it. Wish I could remember exactly what he said, and sadly the audio here is terrible. I believe it was something along the lines of putting the camera down to see or enjoy real life. He then said something else and then "You know that." Oh, my goodness...I bet I turned totally red! Needless to say I didn't take too many photos of him after that...LOL The darned stinker! :P

Where he's talking to me is at about the 0:30 second mark.