October 31st, 2014

Jensen sets out to conquer FB

After getting his feet wet on Twitter, Jensen has finally posted to his official Facebook page.
I'm loving all of this. If Jensen's willing to dive into the social media pool, I am all for it! I figured he'd embrace it if he did and he certainly seems to be enjoying Twitter. *g*

Gino confirmed it over on Twitter, as well.

Dean Singing

VanCon 2014: Karaoke Video "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"

Only one video today.

Lauren Tom joined by Osric, Richard, Rob, & the other members of Louden Swain. Sadly, it seems like Lauren's mic wasn't working or turned on because you can't hear her at all. Love how awkward/embarrassed Osric is here...like, "I'm singing karaoke with my 'mom'." He's adorable! LOL

Please forgive any blurriness (stupid camera!) and shakiness, because it's really hard to hold a camera up high with one hand for the length of a song.