February 20th, 2015

Fade In, Fade Out: SPN's Beginnings & Endings - 2.02 Everybody Loves A Clown

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I'll try to post these at least twice a week, maybe every Monday & Friday (but don't hold me to those days!). I've already got all the images for Seasons 1 & 2 ready to go. Sometimes there will be more than one cap for a beginning or ending of an episode. I'm also using my capper's discretion - meaning I'm choosing the most aesthetically pleasing image that we see first or last not always literally the first or last things we see. I'll explain this as we go along.

:: Click on images for the HQ versions ::

2.02 Beginning: We start at a carnival full of people, wild colors, food, rides, and fun...but this is SPN so of course that's all wrong.

2.02 Ending: The episode ends with a bang...literally, as Dean takes a crowbar to the empty shell of the Impala until he's spent and looking totally desolated.

Just 'Cause - 7 Years

This cap is from 1x18 "Something Wicked".
Click to see the full-sized cap.

Today marks the 7th anniversary of my first "Just 'Cause" post and back then I had no idea I'd still be doing these so many years later. It was a simple idea: post a cap each day - and I haven't missed too many over the years. Thanks once again for all your love, comments, & praise of these posts. :)
Below the cut you'll find 9 more caps (for seasons 2-10).
  • Finally caught up on the last 5 eps of The Vampire Diaries. Phew! Now only this week's Arrow is left.
  • This week's 2nd edition of SPN Beginnings & Endings is up. This time it's 2x02 "Everybody Loves A Clown".
  • I'll post the new promo caps over the weekend.
Have a good Friday folks. *hugs*

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