September 8th, 2015

SPN Name That Cap Challenge 4 (Part 2) - Day 9

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Day 8 Cap:
The image of Sam was from S1s "Scarecrow".

Part 2 - Day 8 photo NTC4_200_zpsc6dd1470.jpg

8 people guessed correctly: tracys_dream, slf630, phoenix_rose_up, wataru_kisugi, milly_gal, pushistyj_koshk, sandy79, & lisaj67.

Awesome job! Just about everyone got it right! :D

Ready for the next cap? Good Luck!

 photo NTC4_212_zps02351fc9.jpg
What episode is this cap from?

YOUR FREE CLUE: Today's cap is from Season 1 or 2.

You have until I post the next cap on Friday, September 11th to comment with your 3 guesses.

Just 'Cause

This cap is from 8x14 "Trial And Error".
Click to see the full-sized cap.

Sorry about this cap being a little blurry (not my fault - cameraman), but it's a smiling Sammy! What's not to love about that? :D
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Have a good Tuesday folks. *hugs*