November 10th, 2015

Just 'Cause

This cap is from 5x12 "Swap Meat".
Click to see the full-sized cap.

Sam in that shaker-salad scene.
  • I am this close to having my internet issue solved.
  • Overnight antics: watching more Castle and capping SPN's "Baby" episode. OMG is that ep beautiful! All those stunning, in your face close-ups! *dies* No wonder I have gone over my cap limit.
  • Should be posting today's SPN Name That Cap Challenge 4 (Part 2), but I simply can't do it on the phone, so I'll push the next post to Friday.
Have a good Tuesday folks. *hugs*

I'm baaaaaaaacccckkkk!!!!!!!

Ok, it's not like I ever really left considering I kept posting from my phone but....I HAZ INTERNET AGAIN!!!! happy dance

Wheee!!! Got a 4G mobile hotspot from T-Mobile and already I'm noticing a big increase in speed (Clear's internet was slow, but you got unlimited data...those days are over). There will be a bit of a learning curve as I test how much data I can use, but I've got a fair number of GB to start with and whatever I don't use carries over into the next month, so that's helpful.

Hells bells, I'm just happy I don't have to post to LJ from my phone anymore. That was the pits! :P
And now I can finally catch up on my Friends list and hopefully get back to replying to comments.

However, this will probably put a big crimp on my watching of youtube But we'll see.
As far as uploading caps/photos, and getting SPN episodes...again, part of the learning curve.

Aaaahhhh! So good to be back. :D

Vancouver BC

VanCon 2016: New guest added

This is what happens when I'm offline (sort of) for several days - I miss big news!

Like Matt Frewer being added to next year's VanCon. o.O
He played Pestilence in Season 5. Pretty out of the blue addition IMO. Has he ever been to any other SPN cons?

So far for VanCon we have "The Usual Seven", as I like to call them: Jensen, Jared, Misha, Mark, Richard, Rob, and Matt. There's also Osric and now Matt Frewer.

Now they just need to add Gil and Travis and Briana and Kim and JDM (hey, a gal can dream) and the list goes on. :P