December 15th, 2015

Winchesters 2

SPN Name That Cap Challenge 4 (Part 2) - Day 35

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Day 34 Cap:
The image of Dean was from S1s "Phantom Traveler".

Part 2 - Day 34 photo NTC4_028_zpsea5b5cf2.jpg

4 people guessed correctly: tracys_dream, slf630, wataru_kisugi, & wataru_kisugi.

Almost everyone got that one right.

Ready for the next cap? Good Luck!

 photo NTC4_098_zps0d303b97.jpg
What episode is this cap from?

YOUR FREE CLUE: Today's cap is from Season 1 or 2.

You have until I post the next cap on Friday, December 18th to comment with your 3 guesses.

Jared 1

Fade In, Fade Out: SPN's Beginnings & Endings - 3.11 Mystery Spot

If you miss any posts just use the SPN Beginnings & Endings Tag.

I'm going to try and post these every week day, which should put us ending it on or around December 21st for this shortened season. Sometimes there will be more than one cap for a beginning or ending of an episode. I'm also using my capper's discretion - meaning I'm choosing the most aesthetically pleasing image that we see first or last not always literally the first or last things we see. I'll explain this as we go along.

:: Click on images for the HQ versions ::

3.11 Beginning: Such a memorable beginning, with Sam's eyes opening as wakes up to the strains of Asia's "Heat Of The Moment"...which he'll hear over and over again...

3.11 Ending: The episode ends with a weary Sam taking one last look at the motel room that he spent far too much time the same Tuesday and watching Dean die. *hugs him*

Just 'Cause

This cap is from 1x10 "Asylum".
Click to see the full-sized cap.

Another random cap grab thanks to my new comm [hurtwinchesters]...Sam in bed and answering a surprise phone call from John.
Have a good Tuesday folks. *hugs*