July 18th, 2016

SPN Shades Of Darkness: Dean firing gun from Impala 11x04

Ok, back to more of these posts - where I've taken some randomly gotten caps, fixed them and also given them a Black & White effect for comparison. I was watching "Baby" last night and somehow my capping finger had to get these images (along w/a few others, to be posted soon). Dean temporarily stops talking to Cas on the phone, turns around in the passenger seat, and shoots the body of the "ghoulpire" 4 or 5 times. With the first shot, I got the fire-blast from the gun. Very cool! Hope you like these.

Btw, these caps are the nice, X-Large kind...1920x1080!

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Just 'Cause

This cap is from 9x21 "King Of The Damned".
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Great overhead shot of Dean sitting at the desk in Castiel's office.
  • When you're down to getting that last episode to make your collection complete. Gah!
  • After a hiatus of several months SPN Shades Of Darkness is back! This time we look at Dean from Season 11's "Baby".
  • Things are getting a little quiet around so...Give me your Requests for these Just 'Cause posts!!! Any season, any episode, any character. If I don't have it, I'll substitute or try to get it for you. :D
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