October 30th, 2016

Dean 3

Just 'Cause

This cap is from 5x16 "Dark Side Of The Moon".
Click to see the full-sized cap.

Dean in Heaven and reflected on the top of the Impala.
  • Suffering from yet another nasty headache, so I didn't get much done overnight. Ugh.
  • Still reeling from how amazing the boys looked at the EW PopFest yesterday. o.O
Have nice Sunday, all...Seahawks play the Saints this morning...GoHawks! *hugs*

EW PopFest Tweets!

I saw a lot of these pics earlier on Saturday when they were first online and was totally drooling over the boys, but Jensen in particular. Is he trying to kill the fandom? OMG The black, the leather, the sunglasses, the total Rock Star look. Fan-friggin-tastic! I seriously need some new icons made from some of these pics. Gah!!!! Too much hotness! And I haven't even watched the video of the panel yet. :P

Btw, this is by no means every Tweeted pic & video, but it's the ones I found & favorited. I think it's a good selection.

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