March 26th, 2017

Creation Entertainment: The SPN Difference

We've known the prices for Creation's SPN cons are quite high, but I thought I'd take a look and compare what their other con Gold Ticket prices are like. There's a clear price difference between SPN and TVD, OUAT, & ST. I've listed everything below from highest price to the lowest.

Ten of the fifteen SPN cons are priced over $900. o.O
I'd much rather be paying those $400 and something prices for the other cons. Heck, even $500 or $600 price for Gold would be more reasonable than $900. It's so frustrating & unfair! *sigh*

Note: These are 3-day cons only. That's why you won't see SPN's Las Vegas on the list.
(Done) Means it's a past con from this year.

SPN Hawaii -- Gold $999
SPN Nashville -- Gold $959 (Done)
SPN Pittsburgh -- Gold $949
SPN Secaucus -- Gold $949
SPN Wash DC -- Gold $949
SPN New Orleans -- Gold $939
SPN Seattle -- Gold $939
SPN Houston -- Gold $929 (Done)
SPN Jacksonville -- Gold $919 (Done)
SPN Chicago -- Gold $915
SPN Minneapolis -- Gold $899
SPN SF -- Gold $899
SPN Toronto -- Gold $899
SPN Phoenix -- Gold $889
SPN Vancouver -- Gold $850

OUAT Vancouver -- Gold $729
OUAT Chicago -- Gold $569
VampDiaries Whippany -- Gold $569
OUAT Whippany -- Gold $499
OUAT Burbank -- Gold $489
ST - The Continuing Voyage Chicago -- Gold $469
ST - The Continuing Voyage Parsippany -- Gold $469
OUAT Denver -- Gold $469
OUAT Toronto -- Gold $469
VampDiaries Chicago -- Gold $459
Gotham Chicago -- Gold $459
OUAT SF -- Gold $439

Just 'Cause

This cap is from 4x14 "Sex & Violence".
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Boys approaching the Impala. :)
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  • A little comparison in Gold Txt price for Creation cons: SPN vs. everything else.
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