August 8th, 2017

Dean Happy 2

SPN Name That Cap Challenge 5 - Day 78

Rules & Info. about the Challenge
Day 77 Cap:
The image of Dean was from S6s "All Dogs Go To Heaven".


11 people guessed correctly: jdl71 itsnotmymind wataru_kisugi jkrm310 gingersnap1224 elvit sandy79 khek casey28 echo_grace_07 borgmama1of5.

Everyone got it right!
Btw, w/VanCon weekend approaching, I'll be super busy so I make no guarantees that I'll be able to make next Friday's post. But I'll try my best!

Ready for the next cap? Good Luck!


What episode is this cap from?

You have until I post the next cap on Friday, August 11th to comment
with your 3 guesses.

Jared 3

Just 'Cause

This cap is from 12x10 "Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets".
Click to see the full-sized cap.

Sammy head tilt!
  • OMG Why do some things in life have to be so darned frustrating??? Gah!!!!!
  • The Season 12 Locations are OFFICIALLY DONE!!!!! Phew! Finished way later than I intended, but then nothing about updating the list went right this year. Bleh. Anyway, the posts are up, the PDFs available for download, and finally, all the Google Maps are updated. See it all (and all the SPN season locations) over at spn_locations!
  • A new SPN Name That Cap Challenge 5 is up.
Have a good Monday folks. *hugs*