September 2nd, 2017

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SPN Season 12 Gag Reel Leaked! & a response from Mark Sheppard

This was posted all over Twitter earlier, so I feel safe in posting them here. We've all been so eager to see the Gag Reel since it wasn't shown at SDCC.

So much to love from the Monty Python credits (w/Bunny!!!!) to the boys messing with Misha (as always), to Jared referencing Charlie The Unicorn, and "Hands in the hair!". LOL Then there's the second part with all the antics on set when Richard was directing. Hee!

Btw, I've seen a lot of people complaining on Twitter and in the comments on Youtube for these 2 videos about Mark Sheppard not being in the Gag Reel and thinking it's suspicious. Well, for the record, I can't remember Mark being in many of the past Gag Reels. Sure he was there maybe once or twice, but not that much. So him not being in the one from last season didn't raise a red flag for me.

And then there's this...

I left a Tweet reply to SPN_Sil's concern over Mark's absence in the Gag Reel and...Mark Sheppard himself Liked it! So I'd say that speaks volumes. There was no conspiracy to keep Mark out of the Gag Reel, no maliciousness intended by the production. There simply wasn't any bloopers that happened during his scenes. It happens. Here's a link to my original Tweet.

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SPN Filming 13x03: Cropped Photos

After asking you all last month if I should post my photos of SPN filming 13x03 out on location last month after VanCon, I decided the best approach was to post cropped photos first. This way everyone gets a taste, there's no spoilers (unless you count Dean's typical clothing & the Impala as spoilery), and it's easier for me. Heh. I've 400-some photos and 19 videos of the filming that day, which will take some time to process and upload. So for me, the best option is to wait to post them after the episode airs. Hope you enjoy the teasers, though! :D

Warning! Even though I consider this post to be spoiler-free, you might feel differently. I cropped all the photos closely around Jensen and the Impala and you will see nobody else except for a few fans and crew members. No guest stars / other actors are visible at all! I don't even show you much of the location.

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Just 'Cause

This cap is from 12x17 "The British Invasion"
Click to see the full-sized cap.

A follow-up on yesterday's cap - poor, hungover Dean.
  • Phew! Did a lot on Friday, especially a lot of capping of videos in the evening (and then fixing a bunch of them!). There's some cool goodies on the way!
  • Someone got their hands on the Season 12 Gag Reel!!!!...and about the whole absence of Mark controversy.
  • SPN Filming 13x03: Cropped Photos. // Spoiler Free! ///
Have a good Saturday everyone. *hugs*