September 4th, 2017

Vancouver BC

VanCon 2017 Videos: SNS "How Was I To Know" & "Bandaged Hand" (partial)

A new week and back to the Saturday Night Special videos!
We got to hear Gil sing the song he wrote and recorded on his album for his father who recently passed away. So emotional for him and all of us. Then I've got a little bit of Louden Swain's song.

Other SPN Characters

VanCon 2017: Canon Powershot Pics - Day 3: Rachel

These were taken with my smaller Canon camera and are not the greatest quality. My normal practice is to take a few shots with this camera at the beginning of each panel and then switch to my bigger Canon camera for the rest. I did no editing at all on these, they're simply presented "as is". Hopefully, you'll still find these pics enjoyable despite the light/contrast or blurriness issues. :)

Rachel is such an inspiration and it was sweet and touching to watch Rob & Rich carry her out to a chair on stage. We gave her a standing ovation and she was so appreciative and grateful to us. She gave advice, love, and a few sweet stories of working on the show.

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Elizabeth Blackmore on LOTS Caps

Back in July I was re-watching my videos of Legend Of The Seeker and ran across a familiar face, Elizabeth Blackmore! Yep, our own Lady Toni Bevell on SPN was once Sister Marianna on this short-lived TV series. Once again, she was playing a baddie as one of the Sisters Of The Dark, intent on helping the Keeper (leader of the Underworld) gain power over the world. She was in 6 episodes and I thought I'd cap most of her appearances.

Btw, another tie between SPN and LOTS? The Keeper (who is heard, but never actually seen) was voiced by Mark Sheppard's father, William Morgan Sheppard. And if you haven't seen Legend Of The Seeker, I highly recommend it. :)

This is the only clip online I could find with Elizabeth on LOTS. She's the one who says, "Kill the old man" and takes off with the scroll.

These caps aren't very large (only 624x352) or great quality, but I did what I could. Enjoy!

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Dean Gun 4

Just 'Cause

This cap is from 12x18 "The Memory Remains"
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Badass Dean! How I love him!
Have a good Monday folks...and Happy Labor Day to those in the US and Canada. *hugs*