September 13th, 2017

Vancouver BC

VanCon 2017 Videos: SNS "Amazing" & "Medicated"

The 2 final songs and videos from the Saturday Night Special!
I love the song "Amazing". Rob first sang this for us at last year's SNS and it's just as beautiful as ever. Then everyone gets on stage, including a lot of the SPN to join in on the kazoo solos for "Medicated".

J2 Luv 3

Video & Caps : J2 from This Fall On The CW Promo

As a Happy Birthday SPN Tribute, I thought I'd cap Jared and Jensen from this newly released CW Promo.
The guys, as always, look amazing! Just wish they'd been featured in the promo a bit more. The caps here are nice and large and at the original video's resolution. Enjoy!

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Sam & Dean 1

Happy Birthday Supernatural!!!

I posted these on Twitter, so why not share them here, too? *g*
The brothers from the beginning to the end (so far!) - from the "Pilot" and "All Along The Watchtower".
Twelve amazing years. Hard to believe in the early years we were living from season to season, wondering if the show would be back. Would it survive? Well, it's not only survived, but thrived! Starting their 13th season and with a massive and passionate fanbase. The boys are still enjoying telling the stories of the Winchester brothers, and I'm so glad we could all come along for the ride! :D

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