November 8th, 2017

Jensen Smile 3

Videos: SPN 13x03 On Set: Crime Scene #7 & #8

Two more under a minute videos.

Supernatural filming 13x03 in New Westminster on Aug 15, 2017.
Jensen Ackles grinning and talking with Kim Rhodes and Loretta Devine.

Supernatural filming 13x03 in New Westminster on Aug 15, 2017.
I combined 3 very short clips together of Jensen Ackles, Kim Rhodes, and Loretta Devine filming another shot at the crime scene set. Looks like this one was cut from the episode.

J2M - Team Free Will 2

Video & Caps: EW SPN Cast on Character Catchphrases

OK, I think this is the last one - finally! :P
A little surprised they didn't include Sam's frequently said, "What?!?". *g*

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SPN Promo 1

Just 'Cause

This cap is from 10x21 "Dark Dynasty"
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Boys in the hall!
Have a good Wednesday folks. *hugs*