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You Just Can't Quit

Love the journey, not the destination...today is the only guarantee you get.

J2 Buddies

Theft Or Sharing - Pt 3

Follow-up to yesterday's post...

Thank you all for your comments yesterday. A lot of you mentioned watermarking my caps and I have considered it, but here's why I don't want to take that step.

- It's more work and making and sharing these caps is time-consuming enough as it is.
- I'd have to put the watermark in the middle of the caps somewhere since this person is re-posting them on Instagram, which crops everything square.
- Watermarking the caps really limits what they can be used for and would be an annoyance for anyone who wanted to use the for fanart or icons.

Mostly it just feels like a drastic step for all the above reasons just due to one bad apple in the fandom who doesn't believe in crediting anyone. Though in all fairness, they re-posted one of my on-set photos (that are watermarked) from 13x03 and they not only kept the watermark, but credited me in the post. So it was basically double-crediting me. But somehow they can't credit my SPN caps. *shrugs* Very weird.

Anyway, you win some battles and lose others. Thankfully, most of the fandom are pretty good about giving credit. It's just a matter of dealing with or accepting the few bad eggs out there that don't.


Poll: Friending Meme?

Been thinking about doing a Friending Meme. Remember those?

LJ seems so quiet lately and I thought maybe a Friending Meme would help us make some new connections and friends and hopefully rebuild our Friends Lists a bit. The meme would be SPN-based, of course, for the most part.

So what do you think?

Should I do a Friending Meme?

What's a Friending Meme?

SPN Promo 2

Just 'Cause

This cap is from 6x11 "Appointment In Samarra"
Click to see the full-sized cap.

Death and Tessa!
Have a good Friday folks. *hugs*


A new look

It's been a long time, but I've changed my LJ's layout completely. Gone is the custom background, coding, etc. And sadly, so is my pretty J2 header, but ah, well. I was able to rebuild the pretties in my sidebar, so at least there's that to enjoy. ;)

I would have changed my Mood Theme, but I've lost most of them thanks to the big PhotoBucket shake-up and I've done enough coding and changes for right now. I'll try to re-upload all the Mood Themes (or at least most) to SlickPic in the future and reintegrate them back into LJ. 

So why the change? 

Every now and then you've just got to change things up and explore new avenues. Plus, I like seeing how many hearts I get for each post. :D I couldn't see them at all with the custom layout I'd been using. 

I'll probably keep this Blue Fence layout for a bit and then change it for the summer to something lighter and brighter (I've already got one in mind).