November 28th, 2018

Vancouver BC

VanCon 2018 Videos: Jason Manns' Quoncert "Wagon Wheel" & "Gone"

Feel like I've been editing these videos forever the past week or so, trying all I could to get them to look good. No small task thanks to the overexposure due to the super bright stage lighting during the panels. Thankfully, it was better during the SNS. Anyway, I've watched these videos A LOT! Good thing I love these songs! ;)

The first song is pretty exceptional, because I believe it's the first time we get to hear Billy Moran sing! At least it's the first I've heard him solo. Enjoy! :D

Holiday - Seasonal 2

Christmas LJ Layout

Time to bring a festive, holiday look to my journal. ;)

Updated my layout to a Christmas one by the same creator who did my previous, Autumnal, one.
There were several different headers available, so I might change that (and/or the background) as we get closer to Christmas. We'll see...