March 1st, 2019

Jensen - Golden

Happy Birthday Jensen!!!

How can I describe my appreciation and love of Jensen Ackles? It's difficult because I know others out there can describe Jensen's many wonderful attributes more eloquently than me. He's so handsome and gosh darned talented in so many ways. It seems like he masters everything he tries. His acting is beautiful, his face full of expressions, his eyes oh, so soulful. Jensen can sing like a rockstar and commands the stage. He's a natural leader and a born storyteller. His voice is distinctive and sexy. He's also smart, humorous, and utterly adorable & charming. *dreamy sigh* He's...just about perfect!

So for Jensen's 41st birthday, I thought I'd take a look at where my SPN con photos began with Jensen...and where they've ended. On the left column of photos is VanCon 2009 and on the right, VanCon 2018. The 2018 photos have never been posted before. A big difference in quality between the 2 years. But then, back in 2009 I was sitting way back in row H, on the right aisle seat, and using a camera that was totally new to me. After 9 years of cons, I had moved up to row C, near the center, and I'd learned better settings on my camera. Jensen, of course, was as gorgeous and photogenic as ever. :)

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Left column: VanCon 2009 -- Right column: VanCon 2018
VanCon09_IMG_2374x2 VanCon18_IMG_2527x2

VanCon09_IMG_2450x2 VanCon18_IMG_2640x2

VanCon09_IMG_2544x2 VanCon18_IMG_2952x2

Dean 1

Just 'Cause

This cap is from 1x03 "Dead In The Water".
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With it being Jensen's birthday, I wanted to look back at where my visual appreciation of Dean Winchester began. Yes, it was with this very image from Season 1. There's a reason why I still have an icon of this after all these years. ;)

  • Thursday was long and tiring. Glad it's the weekend again, but there's a lot to be done.
  • Happy Birthday Jensen!!!
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Have a good Friday folks. *hugs*