October 15th, 2019

J2M - Team Free Will

SPN Episode Title Caps: 15x01 "Back And To The Future"

We're off & running again, one more time.
Castiel carrying Jack's dead body into the crypt as Sam & Dean bar the doors.
Btw, pretty sure that's Misha's double.

Reminder: I usually add the CinemaScope Effect from Ribbet.com to each one of these. Hopefully it's subtle enough so the overall feel of the original isn't lost.

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Dean Crying Sad 1

Fanfic: "Saying Goodbye" (re-post from 2007)

Thank you all for voting in my poll about re-posting this. The response was overwhelming & so encouraging!
I've never been much of a fanfic writer, in fact in most cases I despise writing. But in the early years of the show it really inspired my Muse (who was truly obsessed w/Jensen - duh!) to write. A lot of the times these stories just spilled out of me within minutes to an hour or so.

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Sam 4

Just 'Cause

This cap is from 8x06 "Southern Comfort".
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Sam with that Season 8 hair finally trimmed a bit.
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