February 25th, 2021

TV Notes: ST: Voyager 1x04

1x04 "Time And Again"
Written by: David Kemper
Directed by: Les Landau
Airdate: Jan 30, 1995

Tom trying to get Harry to go out with the Delaney Sisters, but he's having none of it. Love it when Tom tells him, "You need to run a self-diagnostic!".

This is our first sort of Tom-centric episode. Yay!

Doc: "Seems I've found myself on a voyage of the damned."

Darned Kid, LOL.

Gotta admit that I'm with Tom on this one. If this civilization is going to be destroyed, why wouldn't you warn them?

Talk about no individuality. Everybody (besides the police) wear the same clothing & colors.

Harry & B'ellana are quite the team in this episode!

Ha! That is such a TV cabinet the guy opened up!

Great, long, walk & talk shot with Paris & Janeway. That's a lot of dialog to say in one shot!

Tom gets shot in the gut. Ouch! Love Janeway's concern for him!

Janeway smartly figures out their own rescue attempt is what causes the explosion.

Oh, Tuvok - quit being so darned logical!

TV Notes: Alias 1x01

I hadn't planned on posting my notes for Alias so soon, but I just found out that Tubi has all 5 Seasons available to watch, for FREE! Sadly, I think they're airing the eps with a lot of the songs replaced (Boo!), but it's still a great way to watch the series.

1x01 "Truth Be Told"
Written by: J.J. Abrams
Directed by: J.J. Abrams
Airdate: Sept 30, 2001

I wanna say "Poor Danny", but really he lucked out..Can you imagine him having to deal w/ Jack Bristow as a father-in-law? Yikes!

I think this is the first and last time Sloane finds Marshall amusing. :P

If only Danny hadn't left that phone message for Sydney. I wonder if she listened to it?

BTW, the songs are everything in this Pilot, in every ep, really.
So much LOVE!

Heh - Why steal a van when you can have a Jaguar?

I forgot how much red is used in this episode: the red dress, red hair, red outfit & even Syd's phone is red.

Kinda amazing & badass that Syd went after the device totally on her own with no assistance or backup. Of course, she did get caught, but she also escaped.