March 1st, 2021

Happy Birthday Jensen!!!

Technically, I'm combining 2 things here: Merry Monday & a birthday post for Jensen. ;)

Instead of a picspam, I thought I'd celebrate Jensen's amazing singing voice. As if being an outstanding actor, a gifted director, and incredible human being weren't enough: yes, Jensen can sing. Honestly, at this point I'd love to know what he isn't good at. I'm sure it's a short list! I've been so fortunate to hear him sing in person 4 times. Here are 3 of my best recordings of his performances.

I would've posted the first time Jensen sang at VanCon back in 2015, but the audio isn't so good in that video. But in 2016 Jensen went more acoustic with the song and it was still a great performance.

VanCon 2018 would be my last con and while I'd been hoping Jensen would sing "Brother", instead we got treated to 2 songs from Jensen, including this brand new song! Many of us exclaimed afterwards that this wasn't Jensen on stage, but Dean Winchester himself!

Jensen sings the Saturday Night Special classic, "Whipping Post". Again, with better audio than my 2017 recording of him sining the song.

Just 'Cause

These caps are from 1x12 "Faith" & 15x20 "Carry On".
Click to see the full-sized caps.

It's Jensen's birthday, so I had to make this Just 'Cause a special one. ;)
I was going to do the usual Dean from the beginning of SPN to the end, but then I thought I could do something a little different. Because the truth is...even though I watched the Pilot back in 2005, I then didn't watch another episode of Season 1 until 1x12. It really wasn't until "Faith" that I fell in love with Dean and the show. And of course, we saw Dean meet a peaceful end in the final episode of Season 15.
Have a good Monday folks. *hugs*