July 19th, 2021


Happy Birthday Jared!

I just randomly chose a couple of my photos of the VanCon 2017 Gold Panel to fix for this post. As you can see, I didn't exactly get the coloring to match. Ooops! Anyway, I thought these were nice images and they've never been seen online before.

I've never been attracted to Jared like I am with Jensen, but I do love Jared's personality. He's so loving, caring, and smart. He gave the best hugs during photo-ops! While I'm bowled over by Jensen's looks, Jared is the one I can see myself having lunch with, just chatting and enjoying a good meal (if one were so lucky!). I'm so happy Jared's "Walker" is doing so well and that's he's found such good work after SPN (that is also close to home/family). I wish Jared nothing but the best today and always.

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