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Walking: Days 22, 23, & 24

Bleh. I've fallen so behind on things lately. :(

I actually walked on July 11th & 12th and forgot to post about them. Didn't help that I used up all the data on my phone for the month (oopsie) and couldn't log my walk from the 12th. It's on my phone but hasn't been able to synch with the site yet. Grrrr. A couple more days though and I'll be back online with my phone. Yay! Anyway, I had good walks...all over 2 miles. My weight was staying down, but it's recently climbed back up a bit. A supper out at Dairy Queen will do that. Yep, I splurged and had a burger, fries, and a Blizzard. :P It was sooooo nice to have a hamburger though. Mmmmmm. Girl's gotta have her red meat! Hee!

Stats from MapMyWalk.com for July 11th:
Miles = 2.65
Time = 49 minutes
Calories = 460

Stats from MapMyWalk.com for July 12th:
Miles = 2.45
Time = 46 minutes
Calories = 426

Stats from MapMyWalk.com for July 16th:
Miles = 2.42
Time = 46 minutes
Calories = 419

Tags: one foot in front of the other, real life, walking
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