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More J2 Nerd HQ Panel Caps are on the way, but not quite yet...

Glad everyone's been enjoying the caps I made of J2 at the Nerd HQ Panel yesterday during the livestream of the event.

Those caps are all well and good, of course, but I figured you might want something better. Maybe caps from the actual High Definition video at a higher resolution? Yep, I can do that. Downloaded and capped the video last night. Problem though...I overcapped* it. Yeesh.

* Yes, I invented this terminology. Deal with it. :P

What is overcapping? It's when I cap too much. "No such thing!", you say. Oh, yes, my friends...there is.
When you cap so much that you can then cycle through them to where they look like a rough animation, such as the example shown in this video...that's overcapping.

Overcapping Example: 2013-07-21 from Val S. on Vimeo.

So why do I overcap? It's never intentional, believe me. The main problem is this: Jensen & Jared are simply too darned handsome. I can't resist the pretty! Sometimes it gets to be too much and I can't keep from capturing every expression, look, and moment, whether it be in an episode of SPN or during some other video.

Why is overcapping a bad thing? Because once the caps are made, the next step is to sort through them and delete the bad or repetitive ones. When you're dealing with 2,000 or more caps when there really should have been only around 500 or so? That's a daunting task. How many caps do I have of the Nerd Panel? Over 2,000. The last time I overcapped this badly was for 5x03, I believe. That was over 2,000 caps as well. I ended up deleting all the caps and simply doing it over again. It was much better the second time around.

So I'll try to sort through these as best I can and get the cap total down to a more manageable number. I just felt I should explain why it might take a little while. ;)

Your Capping Queen and/or Goddess,

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