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Status Report

Less than a month until VanCon and there's a lot going on. Here's where various projects & such stand right now.

:: spn_ontheset → Temporarily on hiatus until August 1st so I can have a little breather and hopefully download some more BTS pics to post.

:: SPN Revealed Season 2 → On hold until after VanCon.

:: SPN Season 7 Caps → There's only 2 episodes left to post, but again...after VanCon.

:: SPN Season 8 Caps → Plan on continuing with the standard (1280x720) sized caps, picking up from where I left off at 8x07. Also want to at least highlight cap the episodes in the larger size. Again, after VanCon.

:: SPN Beginnings & Endings → Hoping to keep this up on a twice a week basis up to VanCon.

:: New Icons → I want to make a few more from some Comic Con pics and then I'll be posting them. ;)

:: Hi-Res caps of J2 Nerd HQ Panel at Comic Con → I'm afraid this is going to be one of those things pushed back to post-VanCon. If I had more time, I'd work on them, but the Locations List has to come first right now. Plus, everyone seemed pretty happy with the caps I already posted from the livestream, so...I think these others can wait.

:: Extra VanCon 2012 & Location Hunt Photos → Need to get these posted over the next week or so.

:: Name That Cap Challenge 4 → Still going strong. It will be on hiatus for VanCon though.

:: spn_locations & the Locations List → Being worked on nearly every evening at least. Sadly, I began the update far too late and my time is further being cut down by RL issues. I'm making shortcuts (no Google Street Views for S8 - sorry) and the list won't be what I want it to be....but it will be useable, I promise. Made a cool discovery tonight that will come in handy for those of you who use Google Maps for your location hunting. ;)

And of course there's lots of other stuff: fixing more caps for the Just 'Cause posts, making more fanarts, choosing what I need to print for autographs at VanCon, and I'm sure I'm forgetting things.

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