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Jensen as Jason....smokin' hot

Just finished watching "Crusade" and "Gone" of Smallville's S4 (the first & second episodes). I'd only seen some of these episodes off the TV, but it was a while ago. Bought the DVD set last year but didn't have the time to watch them until now. Plus, my mom was still watching seasons 1-3 from the public library and now she's up to S4, so we're watching it together. Btw, mom didn't want to watch it tonight, but I finally wore her down. She said I must be going through withdrawl without my weekly Jensen fix! Which is totally true! So she relented and I drooled every time Jensen appeared on the screen. LOL!

I totally forgot how incredibly HOT Jensen was as Jason!!!! That kiss in the church? *GUH* I need to make an animation of that....like yesterday. My God that was a smoldering kiss! And to do that in a church? *thinks very naughty thoughts* Wow!

And he even follows her from Paris all the way home to Smallville! Can I have Jason as my boyfriend? Hee! :D

I really can't wait to start capping these discs now. I'm not ashamed to admit I backed up that church kiss a few times. :P

Oh, and the dialog for that scene...squeeeeee!

Lana: (kissing Jason) Jason, stop it. We're in a church and I have an art history project to finish!
Jason: Okay, when my girlfriend invites me to an old crypt for some brass rubbing, I thought it was code for something else.
Lana: Mr. Teague, you have a dirty mind.
Jason: But I have a pure heart.

I'm off to bed now...hope I have some steamy dreams of Jason! :D

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