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SPN Name That Cap Challenge 4 - Day 16

 photo NTC4Banner_zps394e437a.png Rules & Info. about the Challenge
Day 15 Cap:
The image of Dean was from S4s "Metamorphosis".

Day 15 photo NTC4_089_zps21b0227b.jpg

2 people guessed correctly: shayasar & lisaj67.

That was toughie. A lot of you were guessing "No Rest For The Wicked" but this is from the end of "Metamorphosis" (remember Dean got injured by the Rugaru?).

Ready for the next cap? Good Luck!

 photo NTC4_095_zps4723bd7d.jpg
What episode is this cap from?

YOUR FREE CLUE: Today's cap is from Season 1 or 2.

You have until I post the next cap on Friday, August 2nd to comment with your 3 guesses.

Tags: fun stuff, name that cap 4, supernatural
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