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Re-sharing of J&D "Exercise Twins" video

Back in June I got a request from a friend for the "Exercise Twins" video featuring Jensen & Danneel watching two gals exercise at night. My download link had long expired from SendSpace and the video can no longer be found on youtube as it was when Danneel initially Tweeted it back in Oct. of 2012.

I did an extensive search through the files on my PC, even checked my external drives - nothing. Simply couldn't find it no matter where I looked. So I gave up, thinking I didn't have a backup of it anywhere. :(

Then low and behold I'm on the laptop today and happen to be organizing some files and there it was!!!! :D
I never even thought to check the laptop for it because I assumed it only existed on my PC. Goes to show how misleading memories can be. :P

I've re-uploaded the video onto SendSpace if anyone on my Flist wants it.

J&D Exercise Twins.zip (1.23MB)


Tags: actors: jensen ackles, danneel harris ackles, flist exclusive, goodies, video
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