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VanCon 2012 Photo Extras: Filming of 8.05 "Blood Brother"

VanCon is right around the corner and I've still got photos from last year to share! So this week is going to be all about my various "extra" photos that I haven't posted. Hope you enjoy them. :)

We begin with a few photos of the production out on location on the Tuesday after the convention.

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I really can't quite recall how we found where they were filming, but we came upon their circus near Marine Drive in Vancouver. After confirming that it was, indeed SPN we parked on a neighborhood street and went to check things out! Found out from a small group of fans standing across from Rio Vista that we'd missed seeing Jensen drive off by mere minutes!!! Gah!!!!! But we decided to stick around in case he came back.

Here's some of the production's trucks.

Rio Vista's driveway.

There was a cop there to stop the traffic whenever crew members needed to cross the street. That's Camera Operator, Brad Creasser, walking towards me.

After a while, some crew members started to come over to us to chat. One was the assistant prop guy. He was very nice and I really enjoyed talking to him. We would later watch as he carried in a knife and a pair of handcuffs (remember when Benny gets handcuffed in the ep?). These gals must work in the costume dept. Pretty sure those are clothes for Jensen. :)

Director, Guy Bee at photo center.

He also came across the street, along with 1st AD Kevin Parks, to talk to us fans for a while. He told us that Jensen was finished for the day (darn!) and they were just filming some scenes with the other actors. He obviously, didn't tell us too much, but it was wonderful that he spent so much time with us.

Ty Olsson! The thing that kills me now is that on that day, I didn't even know who this guy was. All I figured was that he was an actor (well, duh!). But not much had been leaked about him or his character at that point and I didn't even recognize yet that he'd been on SPN before back in S2.

Anyway, he was standing there across the street, smoking and looking over his script sides. At one point he even looked up and waved at us. Many of the other fans around were chatting with one another, but I spotted his wave and waved back. :D So I got to "meet" Ty before I even saw him as Benny in an episode. Pretty cool.

Since they were filming all inside the house, which you can't even see from street, there wasn't much to see. Here's some of the crew, including Stunt Coordinator, Lou Bollo in the red.

Kevin Parks (left) and Guy Bee (right) get called back to the set. So I didn't get to see Jensen or Jared this time during filming, but that's okay. Getting a chance to speak to some of the crew was just as exciting and I'm grateful they took the time to chat with us fans. :)
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