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So what are YOU doing on the Thursday evening before VanCon?

Me? I'm printing photos like nobody's business. Somewhere the executives from Epson are drooling over the amount of ink I've changed today. LOL

I always say I'm not going to let this go to the last minute and here I am with only a week to go, trying to find good pics for autos. The big SPN book is a popular choice this year, but my backpack is heavy enough with my camera equipment, etc. No way am I carrying around a coffee table book in there. And I learned last year that Creation can't always be trusted to provide good photos of the guests in the Vendor's Room. Julie McNiven was a victim. Her photos were awful! Terribly blurry. I thought the one I'd printed from home was sucky until I saw what they had.

So I'm trying to be prepared, but it's hard with some guests. Take Emily Perkins and Rob Benedict. The only episode stills I could find of them were from "The Real Ghostbusters". I've never cared for the production pics of Richard (Trickster), but I've already bought the few head shots Creation has so this year I've printed up a couple of my own pics of him. They're not the greatest, but they are different. Couldn't find any pics of James Patrick Stuart, so I hope there's something in the Vendor's Room of him. For once I'm going with an episode still from "In The Beginning" for Matt Cohen. It'll be a nice change from the head shots & my one photo (the one he's using for his Twitter avatar...still!!!).

As for Jensen & Jared I've debated having them sign the Comic Con mag (boring! everybody does that!) or even the old TV Guide cover (I bought 2 just so I could have one signed). But at the moment I'm leaning towards having them sign some of my photos of them from last year's VanCon that turned out so good. However, that still means making a decision: individual pics or one of the two of them to sign together. *sigh* Must admit, I'm leaning towards individual pics since they're a bit better than the ones of them together. As for Misha, I think I'll be using a great photo I took of him from the cruise a couple years ago where he's smiling. Then again, I've got a back-up...a cool episode still of Castiel holding an angel sword and looking fierce! :) So hard to choose!!! I'll probably end up making a last minute decision while I'm line which has been my trend over the past 4 years. :P

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