raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
raloria - Screencapping Goddess

One thing leads to another...

I get a request for a certain cap from "All Hell Breaks Loose - Part One" and before I know it I'm grabbing random caps from the entire episode. And then I did the same with Part Two. o_O

The things I do for fandom...guess the capping bug bit me again. :P
I have no time for it, but I capped. Ah, well...at least there's new caps to work with / post now. :)

It also reminded me how emotional those episodes were: Sam & Dean being separated, Sam dying (if only he'd never found that darned knife!), Dean's anguish, Sam's return and anger towards Jake, the killing of the YED. So many feelings! It was also interesting to see how much Sam looked up to Dean and relied on him back then. That's changed over the years, but it was nice to revisit a time when Sam was more innocent in a sense. And Dean, forever my champion and even then thinking that he didn't deserve to be alive, that he didn't matter.

That's all...once we finish with some the theme weeks this month for Just 'Cause I'm sure you'll see some of these caps I made tonight. ;)

Tags: adventures in screencapping, episodes, supernatural
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