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VanCon 2013: Arriving & Thursday Night Registration

I am here!!!!! :D

Finally, the event I look forward to every year is in full swing once again. I couldn't be happier...or more exhausted. LOL

Got a late start on the drive up, but arrived around 5 p.m. Ate supper (chicken burger...mmmm) and then went to registration. I've gotta say it pays to have friends who stay at the con hotel and get there before you to hold a place in line. C'mon...everybody does it. :P The line for Gold tickets alone was HUGE. Then the Silver/General Admission ticket holders were after all the Gold.

They started a bit late (Gold was supposed to begin at 8 p.m., it was more like 8:40). At times things were a bit chaotic with people going through the line to scan tickets, put on bracelets, and pass out lanyards. Didn't help that it was quite warm in that big hall. Everyone was using their programs and tickets to fan themselves. And this was at night. I hate to think what that hall will be like with the sun shining in there. Ugh. Glad I brought along a battery operated fan to help a little.

The best part of standing in line for nearly 2 hours, was meeting up with so many friends. Reunited with metallidean_grl, mrsr58, growyourwings, hells_half_acre, missyjack, and a few others that I don't recall the names of or don't know their LJ usernames (if they are on LJ). Waved at cha and peepingdru and said hi to country_bee, too!

Bought photo-op tx for Felicia and Chad and auto tx for Felicia & DJ. I like to space out my purchases. Heh. Need to think about a few options for Saturday when I'm there tomorrow (to get a Jim Michaels photo-op, or to not?). Bought Felicia's tx 'cause I figured they might sell out fast.

Anyway, I'm beat and looking forward to getting a good night's sleep. Will probably be the only one I get over the weekend. At least things start late tomorrow - noon. Saturday and Sunday both look like they will be the long, marathon days.

I'm off to post tomorrow's Just 'Cause cap (thank goodness for LJ's scheduling feature!) and then I'm off to slumberland.

Oh! Btw...not sure how much I'll be Tweeting during the con after all. The roaming charges up here are murder! But we'll see.

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