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VanCon 2013: One amazing weekend

Hi all! Sorry about the lack of posts or even Tweets. I did warn you this could happen. VanCon was simply one crazy marathon of a weekend! I'm exhausted....but oh, the sweet memories that were made. :)

A few thoughts...

:: Richard....he should host all the SPN cons. He's awesome. He dubbed this one Porn-couver. Yep, every guest was introduced by their porn name (1st pet + street you grew up on). Made for quite a irreverent and fun weekend, to say the least. :P
:: Chad Lindberg is quirky and fun and....fellow Washingtonian. Whoohoo!
:: Rob & Emily were fun. Love the idea they came up with the fans for a spin-off for Chuck & Becky: "Slash/Fiction".
:: DJ Qualls was a blast and a lot like Garth in some ways.
:: Alex Zahara was surprising and informative (and passionate) about his acting...and being killed on TV 33 times.
:: Jim Michaels is a big flirt!
:: Rob, Matt, & Richard...one of the best panels all weekend. Poor Rob! "Banana hammock!" :P
:: Russ Hamilton...drinking and locations/filming info. all in one.
:: Mark P., Mark S., and James were another knock out panel. Shame that Sheppard got most of the questions, but ah, well.
:: Felicia!!!!! She was adorable, geeky, and fun! Love her!
:: Sebastian....X-Rated almost doesn't cover it.
:: Misha...only during his panel would a fan end up tied up with duct tape and mashed on the head with cookies.
:: Rachel Miner was quiet and shy and every much the professed "book worm".
:: Jensen & Jared....Loads of fun and an awesome auction!
:: Ty Olsson...oh, so wild. Half the time I was trying to figure out what he was saying he was speaking so fast!

:: Met writers Robbie Thompson & Adam Glass. What a thrill! Half the fun of VanCon is getting to meet this awesome crew, but to meet two of the writers...OMG that's extra special! :D
Also saw Kevin Parks, Serge, Jerry, a couple of the VFX guys, and Robert Singer himself was in attendance!

That's the weekend in a nutshell (a very small one, believe me). I've got lots to share, lots of pics, even a few videos, but the schedule was so packed and crazy I've had no time to share them. Sorry to make you wait. Heck I shouldn't even be making this post, but I simply had to post something about this weekend. :)

To all who I met up with....it was so wonderful to see you and share a chat or just wave hello. To those that I missed...I'm so sorry. As you know there was little time to do much of anything except line up, get a pic taken, get autos, or sit at a panel. I know there are people I wanted to meet up with and didn't. Next year, alright?

Ok, off to bed now. It's already quite late. Location hunting in the morning...but not too early. :P

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