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Things learned at VanCon 2013

:: Misha should come with a warning label, especially for sandwich photo-ops! He likes to body slam into you and if you're not careful or ready you could end up in a heap on the floor (not that that would entirely be a bad thing *g*).

:: Having too many photos printed out for autographs is really a bad idea. Commit to a decision at home...and do it early!

:: Post-it notes for auto personalization do not interact well with certain photo papers (like Epson's Lustre). I now have sticky patches on some of my autographed pics. Bleh.

:: Mark Sheppard refuses to smile in any photo-op.

:: Making Jensen do the whole throw-head-back-and-laugh is the best feeling ever. :)

:: Jim Michaels gives awesome hugs...and is a big flirt!

:: Trying to find locations in the woods is really HARD! A tree is a tree is a tree.

:: It pays to ask the volunteers if a guest is personalizing during autos. You might just get lucky where others will not. ;)

:: Make sure the guests use the right colored pen (black or silver) for your pic to sign. If you can't see it, what's the point?

:: Some filming locations that are no more: Oasis Hotel and Accurate Iron Works.

:: Bring an umbrella!!!! It does rain in Vancouver in August sometimes. D'oh!

:: Make sure a guest's auto does or does not come with the Gold Ticket. I missed out on getting Rachel Miner's auto. Had a photo all printed and everything. :(

:: Stop getting photo-ops with short, female celebrities. Unless it's Felicia Day and then it's alright.

:: Always grab 2 copies of the schedule. You'll need them.

:: Being last in a photo-op line is actually pretty cool, especially if the guest doesn't have to dash off to be somewhere else. Added chat time! :D

:: Don't bother bringing things to do during "down time". There is no "down time". It's just extra stuff you gotta carry around.

:: Have more than one battery for a camera.

:: Even members of the crew recognize that Season 6 was not one of their best.

:: Put episode numbers & titles at the beginning of each Filming Locations list. Will save on having to remember what scene happened in which ep when you're out location hunting.

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