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Second "Take The Pledge" J2 commercial: Video & Caps

Here's the commercial that aired during the rerun of "A Little Slice Of Kevin" on Aug. 21st. With attending VanCon I didn't get a chance to upload it to youtube until now. This time the boys talk about how much they love getting texts and photos from their families. Aw. :)

This time I only have the video for downloading as an mov file (sorry!) and the caps are a little smaller than the ones for the first commercial, at 853x480. Enjoy.

Download the video: MOV J2Pledge2.zip (19.84MB)

Download the caps: J2Pledge2Caps.zip (25MB)

:: Cap Size: 853x480 :: No hotlinking, please! :: Credit me, raloria when taking/using/re-posting :: Comments are LOVE! ♥

:: Click thumbnails for originals ::

J2ThePledge2Caps_01 J2ThePledge2Caps_02 J2ThePledge2Caps_03 J2ThePledge2Caps_04 J2ThePledge2Caps_05 J2ThePledge2Caps_06 J2ThePledge2Caps_07 J2ThePledge2Caps_08 J2ThePledge2Caps_09 J2ThePledge2Caps_10 J2ThePledge2Caps_11 J2ThePledge2Caps_12 J2ThePledge2Caps_13 J2ThePledge2Caps_14 J2ThePledge2Caps_15 J2ThePledge2Caps_16 J2ThePledge2Caps_17 J2ThePledge2Caps_18 J2ThePledge2Caps_19 J2ThePledge2Caps_20 J2ThePledge2Caps_21 J2ThePledge2Caps_22 J2ThePledge2Caps_23 J2ThePledge2Caps_24 J2ThePledge2Caps_25 J2ThePledge2Caps_26 J2ThePledge2Caps_27 J2ThePledge2Caps_28 J2ThePledge2Caps_29 J2ThePledge2Caps_30 
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