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Sticky Post: SPN Season 9 Titles & Filming Dates / Locations


Filming dates for Season 9 are 11 Jul 2013 - 24 Apr 2014

Filming dates are fairly accurate this year and often confirmed thru Twitter.
Same goes for the locations. It's easy to assume that sometimes when a location is "unknown" they're likely filming at the studio. ;)

Sources: Spoiler TV, VanCity Filming, andreas_ri, all_spn, & various sources on Twitter.

9x01 -- "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here" [Writer: Jeremy Carver] [Directed by: John Showalter] (Filmed from July 23rd to Aug 2nd)
[July 23: UBC, July 24: UBC, July 25: unknown, July 26: unknown location, July 29: unknown location, July 30: Studio, July 31: uknown, Aug 1: Chinatown area of New West]

9x02 -- "Devil May Care" [Writer: Andrew Dabb] [Directed by: Guy Norman Bee] (Filmed from July 11th to July 22nd)
[July 11: Studio, July 12: on location but unknown, July 15: North Vancouver, July 16: North Vancouver, July 17: North Vancouver, July 18: North Vancouver, July 19: unknown but w/out J2 as they attend SDCC, July 22: filming in New West on Monday, July 22nd. Circus along 10th Ave between Massey and Chilliwack.]

9x03 -- "I'm No Angel" [Writer: Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming] [Directed by: Kevin Hooks] (Filmed from Aug 2nd to Aug 14th)
[Aug 2: unknown, Aug 6: filming in the alley behind the old VPD HQ at Main & Hastings / filming inside the old VPD HQ, another exterior in the alley after sun goes down, Aug 7: Chinatown in Vancouver by day & pharmacy right across from Oppenheimer Park by night, Aug 8: unknown, Aug 9: at 2024 Fir St. under Burrard St. bridge, Aug 12: unknown, Aug 13: unknown, Aug 14: unknown]

9x04 -- "Slumber Party" [Written by: Robbie Thompson] [Directed by: Robert Singer] (Filmed from Aug 15th to Aug 26th)
[Aug 15: unknown, Aug 16: unknown, Aug 19: unknown, Aug 20: unknown, Aug 21: unknown, Aug 22: Studio?, Aug 23: unknown, Aug 26: Studio]

9x05 -- "Dog Dean Afternoon" "Doggie Style" [Written by: Eric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder] [Directed by: Tim Andrew] (Filming from Sep 9th to Sep 18th)
[Sep 9: unknown location, Sep 10: filming at Calhoun's restaurant on Broadway & Balaclava, Sep 11: filming at The Art Institute of Vancouver, Sep 12: filming at The Art Institute of Vancouver, Sep 13: Studio(Fraturday), Sept 16: unknown, Sept 17: unknown, Sept 18: unknown]

9x06 -- "Heaven Can't Wait" [Written by: Robert Berens] [Directed by: Rob Spera] (Filmed from Sept 19th to Oct 1st)
[Sept 19: unknown, Sept 20: out on unknown location, Sept 23: unknown location, Sept 24: filming in New West, Sept 25: filming in New West, Sept 26th: unknown, Sept 27: unknown (Fraturday), Sept 30: unknown]

9x07 -- "Bad Boys" [Written by: Adam Glass] [Directed by: Kevin Parks] (Filmed from Aug 27th to Sep 6th)
[Aug 27: Tomahawk BBQ in North Van, Aug 28: unknown, Aug 29: Langley?, Aug 30: unknown location, Sep 3: unknown, Sep 4: Studio, Sep 5: Studio?, Sep 6: Studio and/or out on location]

9x08 -- "Rock And A Hard Place" [Written by: Jenny Klein] [Directed by: John MacCarthy] (Filmed from Oct 1st to Oct 11th)
[Oct 1st: Studio (Bloggers visited the boys & MOL set this day so I'm guessing they filmed inside all day? Pics of them in studio offices.), Oct 2: Studio, Oct 3: at Gore & Cordova (Impala & J2 spotted), Oct 4: at Gore & Cordova again & unknown, Oct 7: unknown, Oct 8: Studio (They set up TV & chairs in the studio so cast & crew could watch S9 premiere), Oct 9: unknown location, Oct 10: unknown location, Oct 11: barn location]

9x09 -- "Holy Terror" [Written by: Eugenie Ross-Leming, Brad Buckner] [Directed by: Thomas J. Wright] (Filmed from Oct 11th to Oct 23rd) /No filming on Monday, Oct 14th for Canadian Thanksgiving/
[Oct 11: unknown, Oct 15: unknown, Oct 16: unknown, Oct 17: unknown location - night, Oct 18: on location under freeway skybridge, Oct 21: unknown, Oct 22: unknown location - night, Oct 23: Interior of Astoria Hotel (Jensen, Jared, & Misha) & then alley scene (w/Jared & Curtis) at night behind the hotel]

9x10 -- "Road Trip" [Written by: Andrew Dabb] [Directed by: Robert Singer] (Filmed from Oct 24th to Nov 4th)
[Oct 24: unknown, Oct 25: unknown, Oct 28: unknown location, Oct 29: unknown, Oct 30: unknown, Oct 31: Night filming, Nov 1: BSCJ signs marine way at old watchmen set, Nov 4: unknown location]

9x11 -- "First Born" [Written by: Robbie Thompson] [Directed by: John Badham] (Filmed from Nov 5th to Nov 15th) /No filming on Monday, Nov 11th for Veteran's Day/
[Nov 5: Farm house location w/Impala (96th and 201st north Langley - they are at the house on 208th down towards Derby Reach - exterior & interior of house), Nov 6: unknown, Nov 7: unknown, Nov 8: unknown location w/Impala also possibly cabin location at night, Nov 12: unknown, Nov 13: unknown, Nov 14: unknown, Nov 15: Studio?]

9x12 -- "Sharp Teeth" [Written by: Adam Glass] [Directed by: John Showalter] (Filmed from Nov 18th to Dec 5th)
[Nov 18: unknown, Nov 19: farm house location, Nov 20: farm house location - night, Nov 21: unknown, Nov 22: unknown, Dec 2: They are parked up by the Fort, and behind the Post Office (as of 2:00pm) the building beside Beatniks bistro - interior only?, Dec 3: unknown, Dec 4: unknown, Dec 5: unknown]

9x13 -- "The Purge" "Let The Fat One In" [Written by: Eric Charmelo, Nicole Snyder] [Directed by: Phil Sgriccia] (Filmed from Dec 5th to Dec 16th)
[Dec 5: unknown, Dec 6: unknown, Dec 9: mountain location (interior), Dec 10: more in the mountains, Dec 11: Furry Creek, BC, Dec 12: unknown, Dec 13: in New West, Dec 16: unknown]

9x14 -- "Captives" "Old Friends" "Nowhere To Go But Down" [Written by: Robert Berens] [Directed by: Jerry Wanek] (Filmed from Dec 17th to Jan 10th) [Production had 2 weeks off for Christmas & New Years]
[Dec 17: #Supernatural filming in Nat Bailey neighbourhood today, Dec 18: unknown, Dec 19: unknown, Dec 20: Studio?, Jan 7: unknown, Jan 8: unknown, Jan 9: unknown, Jan 10: unknown]

9x15 -- "#THINMAN" [Written by: Jenny Klein] [Directed by: Jeannot Szwarc] (Filmed from Jan 23rd to Feb 3rd?) [Note: Originally, this ep was 916. Jim Michaels Tweeted that ep 916 was filmed before 915 for scheduling reasons.]
[Jan 23: unknown, Jan 24: Fraturday out on unknown location, Jan 27: unknown, Jan 28: Studio?, Jan 29: unknown, Jan 30: Studio?, Jan 31: Fraturday shoot at unknown location, Feb 3: unknown]

9x16 -- "Blade Runners" "Back In Black" [Written by: Brad Buckner, Eugenie Ross-Leming] [Directed by: Serge Ladouceur] (Filmed from Jan 13th to Jan 22nd)
[Jan 13: unknown, Jan 14: unknown, Jan 15: unknown, Jan 16: unknown, Jan 17: at the North 40 Dog Park aka DOD Lands at Boundary Bay, Jan 20: Supernatural filming in Boundary Bay Monday-Tuesday (Jan 20-21) w/ People's Choice Bromance winners Sam & Dean & Cas + Crowley, Jan 21: Boundary Bay DOD Lands, Jan 22: unknown]

9x17 -- "Mother's Little Helper" [Written by: Adam Glass] [Directed by: Misha Collins] (Filmed from Feb 4th to Feb 13th)
[Feb 4: unknown, Feb 5: Studio(?) and then shooting diner scene at Newen Cafe on Ewen Ave in Queensborough near bridge, Feb 6: unknown, Feb 7: Misha & Jared spotted filming out on location w/Impala and Jensen left Van for an early weekend, Feb 10: unknown, Feb 11: on 7th ave in New Westminster, Feb 12: in Maple Ridge at a nursery Somewhere near Garibaldi high school, Feb 13: unknown]

9x18 -- "Meta Fiction" [Written by: Robbie Thompson] [Directed by: Thomas J. Wright] (Filmed from Feb 14th to Feb 26th)
[Feb 14: unknown, Feb 17: Studio?, Feb 18: unknown, Feb 19: filming interiors & exterirors at Mount Pleasant’s Puff Smoke Shop , Feb 20: unknown, Feb 21: filming in Langley - night shoot at gas station kitty corner from church, Feb 24: unknown, Feb 25: Supernatural signs at Hastings and Heatley - filming on private Port Metro Vancouver land today, Feb 26: unknown]

9x19 -- "Alex Annie Alexis Ann" [Written by: Robert Berens] [Directed by: Stefan Pleszczynski] (Filmed from Feb 27th to Mar 10th)
[Feb 27: unknown, Feb 28: out on location in Delta & then inside for Fraturday, Mar 3: J2 w/Impala outside of restaurant location, Mar 4: unknown, Mar 5: J2 w/Impala in the rain out on location, Mar 6: unknown, Mar 7: unknown, Mar 10: unknown]

9x20 -- "Bloodlines" [Written by: Andrew Dabb] [Directed by: Robert Singer] (Filmed from Mar 11 to Mar 27th)
[Mar 11: unknown, Mar 12: unknown, Mar 13: unknown, Mar 14: unknown Fraturday shoot, Mar 17: at Terminal City Ironworks, Mar 18: unknown, Mar 19: unknown, Mar 20: filming in #RichmondBC church today. Staging at Old Mitchell Elementary lot, Mar 21: It's #Supernatural spinoff Bloodlines filming in Robert Burnaby Park woods tonight. Hunter. Shapeshifters. Werewolves, Mar 24: unknown, Mar 25: Loyola University Chicago’s Dumbach Hall, Mar 26: unknown, Mar 27: unknown]

9x21 -- "King of the Damned" [Written by: Brad Buckner, Eugenie Ross-Leming] [Directed by: P.J. Pesce] (Filmed from Mar 21st to Apr 1st)
9x20 & 9x21 filmed at the same time. Here's more info: J2 flew out the next day (Mar 25th) to Chicago to join the Bloodlines cast for three days of filming episode 9x20 there while Vancouver crew shoots the rest of episode 21 here with Misha Collins and other cast. Source
[Mar 21: , Mar 24: Supernatural signs pointing up first avenue off boundary road - under the Georgia and Dunsmuir Viaducts - next location in the Cobalt Hotel on Main Street, Mar 25: on location somewhere in the muddy forest - day & night shoot, Mar 26: unknown, Mar 27: unknown, Mar 28: unknown, Mar 31: Studio?, Apr 1: Studio?]

9x22 -- "Stairway to Heaven" [Written by: Andrew Dabb] [Directed by: Guy Norman Bee] (Filmed from Apr 2nd to Apr 11th)
[Apr 2: in Queensborough off Westmister Hwy, Apr 3: unknown, Apr 4: Studio MOL Set, Apr 7: unknown, Apr 8: bowling alley, Apr 9: Boundary and 49th tucked into a business lot, Apr 10: filming on Boundary just before 49th Ave tucked into a private business, Apr 11: unknown]

9x23 -- "Do You Believe In Miracles?" [Written by: Jeremy Carver] [Directed by: Thomas J. Wright] (Filmed from Apr 14th to Apr 25th)
[Apr 14: unknown, Apr 15: at Coquitlam's Catalyst Paper (#Godzilla nuclear plant), Apr 16: unknown, Apr 17: unknown, Apr 18: unknown, Apr 21: unknown, Apr 22: unknown, Apr 23: unknown location (DOD Lands???), Apr 24: unknown late night shoot - J2 finish S9, Apr 25: unknown.]

Cool Filming Location scouting trip & the VFX Meeting at the 2013 VanCon as blogged by a fan: Source
If anyone has further info. to share about anything here, I'm always happy to receive it. :)

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