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Bought SPN Season 8 on DVD today!

But I just finished watching the deleted scenes online. :P

Check'em out HERE.

Most are kinda ho-hum, this was obviously cut for time, sorta stuff. However, there are a few stand-outs.

:: (Hitler) Sam dealing with the difficult college librarian and getting his hand slapped was very funny!

:: (Bitten) Interesting scene where Sam calls Amelia (then hangs up) using a pay phone. Gotta wonder why Kate would go and check it out right away with the boys still sitting in the car though...especially with one of the guys filming her. Maybe that's why they cut it? *shrugs* But the highlight is hearing the actual sound of the Impala without post-processing as the boys drive away. Sweet! :D

:: (Sacrifice) Emotionally charged scene between the boys. Why is the picture blurred though? Is that Mary???? Gah!!!!

:: (Tiger Mom) Like seeing Dean hold the door open for everyone as they leave the pawn shop. Feeds my belief that Dean really is a gentleman when given the chance.

:: (Pac Man) LOVE LOVE LOVE these scenes with Dean and Charlie!!! Why were these cut??? The one with them eating in the car is particularly cute. Wish we knew what songs they'd planned to use. I wanna know!!! Love the glare Dean gives Charlie when she calls him a dinosaur! LOL

That's all I've got. What were your favorites?

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