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VanCon 2013: Canon Powershot Pics - Felicia and Sebastian

I still need to fix and prep my main photos taken with my big Canon camera, but here are some pics taken with my new point & shoot camera: the Canon Powershot S110. My plan had been to post these each night during the con to give everyone a taste of what was going on, but the schedule was so packed that I didn't have any time. So you're getting them now. It's all good, right?

Please keep in mind that the photos from my other camera will be better than these. Thx. ;)

IMG_0287 IMG_0297 IMG_0305 IMG_0306 

Talk about contrasting guests. LOL Felicia was amusing and sweet and Seb was wild and raunchy! Felicia answered a lot of questions about gaming, which went right over my head, but it was cool to find out her other interests (romance novel book club anyone?). It was very cool to find out the reason she was added to the con at the last minute was all Jensen & Jared's doing. They told her she HAD to attend and set it all up. Yay! boys!!! Seb, of course barely answered any questions. It was more like being part of a giant orgy. :P I know Seb's not everyone's cup of tea, but he's not all that bad either and once you meet him in photo-ops and during autographs you see a whole other side of him (which is quite different than his on stage persona).

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// Click on the large thumbnails for the originals //

IMG_0281 IMG_0283 IMG_0285 IMG_0287 IMG_0289 IMG_0294 IMG_0295 IMG_0296 IMG_0297 IMG_0298 IMG_0299 IMG_0300 IMG_0301 IMG_0305 IMG_0306 IMG_0307 IMG_0310 

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