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VanCon 2013: Canon Powershot Pics - J2 Sunday Brkfst, Richard, & Rachel

I still need to fix and prep my main photos taken with my big Canon camera, but here are some pics taken with my new point & shoot camera: the Canon Powershot S110. My plan had been to post these each night during the con to give everyone a taste of what was going on, but the schedule was so packed that I didn't have any time. So you're getting them now. It's all good, right?

Please keep in mind that the photos from my other camera will be better than these. Thx. ;)

IMG_0355 IMG_0359 IMG_0365 IMG_0370 

Sunday with the boys at last! It's always nice to have that extra time with them before the photo-ops begin. Wish I could remember what was talked about but it's really quite a blur. There were a lot of questions about how Jensen's doing as a father. Loved his story about carefully driving JJ home from the hospital. Awwwww. Sadly, I found myself falling asleep during Rachel's panel. Shame on me! I know. She's very shy and quiet (admitted as much right off the bat) and as such her panel was very low key. Not that that's a bad thing, but it simply wasn't as engaging as most panels are. Again, I can't recall her talking about any particular scene or moment from the show. A lot of the questions were about her character in general.

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// Click on the large thumbnails for the originals //

IMG_0355 IMG_0356 IMG_0357 IMG_0359 IMG_0360 IMG_0361 IMG_0363 IMG_0365 IMG_0368 IMG_0369 IMG_0370 IMG_0371 IMG_0373 IMG_0374 IMG_0375 

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