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First Impressions: 9x01 "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here"

I'm going to keep this to strictly the highlights (if possible) in an effort to streamline my reviews. It'll be based mostly from quotes from the episode. I love quotes!

LOVE LOVE LOVE for the song choice in the opening recap! I think it's one of their best yet. The music fit perfectly with the images and was edited beautifully. Double kudos to the amazing new title card. We suspected it would involve angel wings and it certainly does!

I liked how they filmed Sam's inner monologue with soft focus and tilted camera shots within the Impala. Interesting how they chose not to show us what happened between the boys leaving the church and Sam winding up in the hospital. It would've been nice to see, but I can understand time constraints. They had a lot to fit in within an hour. I also enjoyed how Dean was Sam's fighting will to live and Bobby became his other voice wanting to let it all go and just die.

Of course Dean isn't going to just let Sam die! Naturally his first idea is to call out to Cas, but he can't possibly know that his friend has lost his powers. So he puts out an APB to all the angels. Not quite the wisest move, but like Dean says later on, he was desperate. This scene was beautifully acted by Jensen, btw. Oh, and his eyes were so very green in that first shot of him at Sam's bedside. OMG They were beautiful!

Dean: “Just because you’re dying doesn’t mean you’re dead, not yet, OK? We have jimmied ourselves out of worse. We’re gonna fight this. I got the plan, you just need to hang on.”

Even though this is Sam talking, it only reiterates what Dean said to him in the church in the S8 finale. Dean never gives up on Sam. Never.

Sam: “If you’re you, but you’re really me, and you’re the part of me that wants to fight to live."
Dean: “Yes. I have no idea what you just said, but continue."

Again, this sounds so much like the brothers just having a conversation in the car that I had to keep reminding myself that this is Sam working things out within his own mind. And then Bobby shows up and all hell breaks loose. LOL Loved the bit about him moving up into the front seat and then he takes Sam into the woods to get away from a yapping Dean. Heehee!

Meanwhile, Cas is hearing angel radio (which I thought was weird before people on Twitter reminded me that Anna could hear it at first, too). He was lucky to nearly get hit by a good samaritan that really didn't mind him talking about not being able to fly because he had no wings. The dude even gave him money! Cas, honey....you may not be an angel anymore but you got lucky.

Dean: “I’m sure you’re a nice person and that you mean well, but ‘inevitable’? That’s a fighting word where I come from.”

Time and again, Dean never gives up. Even when the odds are against him. It's one of the many things I love about him. :)

Best line of the night...

Dean: “I’ve got the King of Hell in my trunk.”

The grief counselor's reaction....questioning if that was a metaphor was priceless. Not on this show, lady! :P
I wonder what Dean was going to do with Crowley though? What could he do to help Sam?

Let me say right off that I liked/trusted Ezekiel immediately and wouldn't trust Hael as far as I could throw her. Good to see my judgements were right on by episode's end. ;)

Nice little call-out to the Grand Canyon there by Hael though. That was sweet.

Bobby (to Sam): “All the good you’ve done? All the people you’ve saved? All the sacrifices you’ve made? You’ve saved the world, son. How many people can say that? How many people can say that they have left this God-forsaken hunk of dirt that much a better place? What you call dying, I call leaving a legacy."

Since this is Sam talking to himself (through Bobby) it's nice that he's finally got some self-worth. That he does recognize the good he's done, what he's sacrificed. My only issue is that Sam's first inclination is to just give up and die, to leave Dean when they just re-established their bond with one another. Why would he think leaving Dean alone would be a good idea? My only reasoning is that he's tired. He gave his all to do the trials (he even brings this up in the car at the beginning of the ep)...he stopped them so he would live and yet fate or whatever is going to kill him anyway. Maybe he felt that there wasn't any other answer?

Dean (on the phone w/Cas): “There is a war on, and it’s on you. There’s thousands of them out there. You said you lost your Grace. That means you’re human. That means you bleed and you read and you sleep and all the things you never had to worry about before.”

I gotta say...characters on this show are so quick to lay blame on the wrong people. Sam & Dean have been blamed for so many things that they either didn't actually do or had no control over stopping. And now we have all the angels blaming Cas for them falling to earth. Sure, Cas mistakenly trusted Metatron and was then tricked by him, but he had no idea of what he was helping the rogue angel do.

Death: “I consider it to be quite the honor to be collecting the likes of Sam Winchester. I try so hard not to pass judgment at times like this, not my bag, you see, but you? Well played, my boy.”

How awesome to have Death back on the show again? It is fitting that he would be the one to collect Sam, considering the Horseman's past with the Winchester boys.

Sam: “I need to know one thing. If I go with you, can you promise that this time it will be final? I mean, if I’m dead, I stay dead. Nobody can reverse it, nobody can deal it away, and nobody else can get hurt because of me.”

Considering he had Bobby bring up about Dean selling his soul to bring Sam back, you can see where Sam's mindset is here. He IS thinking about Dean in this moment. He doesn't want Dean making any deals or risking his life for him. But why he would think that Dean would want to go on without him is still beyond me. It's a minor quibble though.

Can I say yay to Cas finally listening to Dean's advice? YAY! And smart thinking too, when he put on his seat belt before forcing Hael to drive into those barriers. She didn't look too good after flying through the windshield. Yikes. And the whole time Cas was trying to talk reason to her I was screaming at him "Kill her! Kill her!!!!" So glad he finally did. Sheesh. :P

More love for the Dean beating up scenes. You know my love of hurt!Dean. *happy sigh* :D
I thought he was nuts going outside Sam's room with the place rumbling like that, but what was my hero Dean doing? Why getting people out of the hospital so they'd be safe from the ensuing attack. *loves* Then he gets attacked by two angels who want Castiel's location. And our boy...always thinking on his feet...he uses his own blood to make a banishing sigil on the floor to get rid of them! Awesome!!!!

Sadly, all the angel proofing and fighting has left Ezekiel weak with little options of helping Sam. The only thing left? Possession. Dean knows Sam wouldn't go for it if he knew and you can tell Dean hates himself for even going through with this deal, but he's out of options.

Dean/Ezekiel: “I made you a promise in that church. You and me, come whatever. Well, hell, if this ain’t whatever. But you gotta let me in, man, you gotta let me help. There ain’t no me if there ain’t no you.”

Pretty sneaky sending Ezekiel in disguised as Dean to get Sam to say yes. I've read some fans question how the angel managed to sound just like Dean to convince Sam. I'm thinking maybe when he linked Dean to Sam so he could hear what his brother was saying to Death that he got a little insight into Dean's head. Or maybe there was a way where Dean spoke through the angel? But those were definitely Dean's thoughts and words...and they worked. Just like they did at the church. I love how again, Sam seeks an answer from his big brother..."How do I stop? / What do I do?" He might be older now, but it's in moments like these that Sam still needs his brother. What's the next step? How do we fix this?

Jared did an amazing job at being Ezekiel. It was almost creepy.
Dean decides the best option is to keep the angel a secret from Sam...at least until he's well enough to exist on his own. Ouch. Another secret between the brothers. I know some fans will be pissed over this much-used plot device, and normally I'd feel the same way (like last season). But this time, I understand the reasoning and it's sound. He wanted Sam to live, this was the only option left, he'll deal with the ramifications later. I only hope that once Sam finds out he doesn't storm off in a huff and leave Dean...again.

After everything that was packed in this episode, I almost didn't notice that we got a customary final scene of the boys talking in the car. *g* Sam wakes up and per the arrangement, doesn't remember anything after they saw the angels falling.

Sam: “You’ve been driving around with me passed out in the passenger seat for a day?"
Dean: “I mean, I stopped. Let a few Japanese tourists take some pictures, nobody got too handsy."

Heehee! Nice to have those little moments of humor in there. Almost as good as the boys saying "jerk" & "bitch" to each other, which we didn't get, but a girl can hope sometime in the future, right? And speaking of familiar lines, it was doubly nice to hear Sam say "We got work to do." *loves* :D

Can you tell I loved the ep? Huh?
So much for making a short review post...*sigh*
Thanks for reading!

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