raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
raloria - Screencapping Goddess

Just 'Cause

These caps are from 1x21 "Salvation" & 1x22 "Devil's Trap".
Click to see the full-sized cap.

Today's caps are in answer to kinkthatwinked's request for a scene from Salvation and/or Devil's Trap. Yeah, I'm giving you both of them. *g* I tried to go with some scenes/shots I haven't featured before. Hope I succeeded.
Last Call!!!!! Give me your cap requests! It can be specific to a scene in an episode or vague and general. :D
Finished up with more RL chores on Thursday and again didn't get a whole lot done online. *le sigh* Oh, well there's still the weekend, right? :P Oh! I did finally get my Hi-Def download of 901 after a failed attempt on Wed. night. So now I can start getting my capping mojo back on. ;)
Have a good Friday folks. *hugs*

Tags: just cause, random cap, requests, supernatural
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